pondělí 3. února 2014

(G)Irony of life I.

Girony wrapped thin arms around one Thor‘s as the big blond guy was hugging him from back. Still sweaty after great sex but that was all Girony could get from him.
He sighed and with pouty lips looked around room, then ended staring at the ceiling.
„Bored?“ said voice from the corner.
Girony winced. „Loki?! What are you doing here?“ raised eyebrows watching dark shadow of person sitting at commode. Girony would bet it wasn’t there few seconds ago.
Loki jumped down. „You know,“ shrugged „watching my brother fucking and stuff.“
Girony, expecting Loki’s joking, silent for a moment, then he got it.
„You’re much more sick than I thought,“ he shook head.
„Probably. But you didn’t have right opinion about me then,“ smiled and made few steps near bed. „I’m just wondering…“
„Yes?“ leaned on elbows, checking Thor’s still sleeping.
„Why are you with him? I know you don’t feel anything to him,“ looked at longhaired brunette sneering.
„He’s good,“ answered calmly.
„So am I,“ cocked Loki head.
„Yeah, I don’t think so,“ grin without trace of regret in his face.
Loki’s pupils widen. „Did you just say I’m not good lover?“
„Not as good as him,“ shrugged Girony.
Loki gasped. „How dare you!“ cried and Thor next to Girony moved. Loki lowered his voice. „Tell me one thing he can be better in.“
„I think he’s bigger.“ Girony giggled for himself a little.
Loki snorted. „You little bastard! I’ll show you how…“
„What’s going on?“ mumbled Thor, still half sleeping.
„Oh, nothing, babe. I just had bad dream, ok? Go back to sleep,“ whispered Girony kindly and turned back. Loki was gone. 

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